Exciting Grad Update as of June 18!

Great news!!  We are sorry for the last-minute changes but we have two exciting additions to our graduation ceremonies and are excited to share this with you and hope this makes the day more enjoyable for the grads and their families. 

  1. We have consulted again with Palliser and have been given permission to allow each grad to bring a maximum of 5 family members! There are a few recommendations and guidelines we must adhere to.

First, it is recommended that:

  • No one over 60 attends the ceremonies due to being in a higher- risk age group. It is also recommended that young children (pre-school age) also not attend as it is difficult to keep them seated and from touching multiple surfaces.¬†
  • Every guest uses the provided hand sanitizers when entering and exiting the building. Masks will not be provided but you are welcome to use your own.¬†

The guidelines we MUST follow are that:

  • All guests sign in upon arrival with first and last names.¬†
  • That guests are seated the whole time and remain distanced from the other groups in attendance.
  • We avoid large groups of people gathering in the front of the school before/after their time slots. We encourage students and families to go back home and return to the school at 3:00 for the parade to avoid this.
  1. We are now able to offer a Livestream video of the Graduation Ceremony on the Kate Andrews Facebook Page!  Even those not able to attend are able to view our diploma presentations and award recipients this way.

Thanks for your patience and support while we have navigated a strange and difficult task this year.  We have tried our best to balance strict AHS Graduation Guidelines and show our love of our students and the desire to want to give them an amazing grad. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions/concerns.  See you tomorrow!!

KAHS GRAD 2020:  Friday, June 19th

We are excited to honour the success and achievements of the KAHS Graduates of 2020 with a "staggered" ceremony in the KAHS Gym, starting at 10am. 

All details are outlined in the following document:  Graduation 2020.pdf 

Click here to book a ceremony time slot:  https://signup.com/go/CpKAkFt 


If you have questions please contact Ms. Alexander (kimberly.alexander@pallisersd.ab.ca) or Miss Baraniecki (robyn.baraniecki@pallisersd.ab.ca).  


2020 Grad Meal Boxes Flatsheet (2).pdf 

Link to Order from LA Chefs if you choose to do so (please contact lachefs@lachefs.ca) with any questions.):  https://app1.restolabs.com/onlineorder/lachefs

Scholarships & Bursaries

Please make sure to check out the Career & Ac. Counselling page for a list of Scholarships and Bursaries that are available to apply for.  If you require assistance with applications, please see Miss Meurs.

Dear KAHS Class of 2020,

When you began your Grade 12 year in September, we are sure that you had envisioned your High School Graduation to be an exciting and fun time to celebrate the achievements that you and your peers have completed over the last 13 years.  Given the current situation in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak (and the restrictions regarding physical distancing and mass gatherings, which were just recently extended throughout the summer of 2020), we are currently working on ideas to celebrate the Grads of 2020 during this exceptional situation. 

While graduation may look very different than what we had all envisioned, we at KA, want to let you know that we are working to come up with a plan to honour your achievements.  Up until last week, we were still hopeful that some restrictions may be lifted before the end of June, so we did not want to make any hurried decisions about what Grad 2020 could or could not look like.  Now, that the decision has been made for us by Alberta Health Services, we would like to move forward with planning a thoughtful and meaningful celebration that abides by current health regulations.

We have created a Kate Andrews High School Graduation 2020 in Google Classroom for Grads.  This is how we will be sharing ideas and communicating with you.  THIS WILL BE THE PRIMARY LOCATION FOR INFORMATION AND SUBMITTING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. This is still YOUR Grad.  It is a momentous occasion that requires a great deal of planning so we strongly encourage ideas and participation. 

Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom as we move forward with planning Grad 2020. Your submissions will be included in the slideshows and videos being created. Please watch for postings regularly.

We would still like to ask that all students submit a baby picture before this Friday, May 1st.  These can be attached and submitted through Google Classroom.

We would also like to request the following to be completed by Monday, May 25th:

  • Each grad to take a video and/or photo of themselves either speaking or holding a sign with a message to their fellow graduates. (These must be appropriate/clean.)¬†
  • Submit any photos and/or video clips from throughout the school year(s) of you and classmates that could be included in a grad slideshow. If you have already purchased a dress/suit that you were planning to wear to a physical ceremony, please feel free to submit those.¬†

There are still many variables regarding Grad that are currently unknown.  Over the coming weeks we hope that we can work with you to plan a memorable celebration of your academic accomplishments. 


Your KAHS Grad Committee ~ (Miss Baraniecki, Ms. Alexander, Mrs. Darby, Mr. Grimes)

Baby Photos & FNMI Recognition: DUE MAY 1st!

Baby photos that will be used in the slideshow at the Convocation Ceremony are due to Miss Baraniecki before May 1st.  Please either bring a baby photo to Miss Baraniecki, the office or email it directly to robyn.baraniecki@pallisersd.ab.ca.  

Any student wishing to declare First Nations, Metis, or Inuit status and have that status recognized at Convocation must advise Miss. Baraniecki before May 1st.  

These are STRICT DEADLINES.  Late submissions will not be accepted.  

So You Want a Job that needs You to Study After High School.

Go to the Career and Academic Counselling page and check out how you can apply for bursaries and scholarships.