Grad 2022

Grad Banquet Tickets

Grad BANQUET TICKETS will be available to purchase on SchoolCash Online from May 30 - June 8.  This will be your only opportunity to purchase tickets.  

ALL SCHOOL/TEXTBOOK/ATHLETIC fees must be paid prior to being able to purchase tickets.  

Tickets for the afternoon ceremony are free, and will be distributed to graduates.  Each Graduate will be given 6 tickets to give to friends and family.  The graduate does not need a ticket.  Due to space limitations inside the church, only those with a ticket will be permitted entry.  

Grad 2022 Handbook

Grad 2022 Handbook

The Grad 2022 Handbook includes deadlines, graduation requirements, and other information, pertaining to Grad 2022.  

Convocation Ceremony Information

More information will be forthcoming, as we we are in the preliminary stages of planning Grad 2022.  

Any Graduates who wish to participate in the planning of Grad 2022 should join the Grad Committee.  All grads are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Banquet Information

More information will be forthcoming as we are in the preliminary stages of planning Grad 2022. 

Any Graduates who wish to participate in the planning of Grad 2022 should join the Grad Committee.  All grads are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Grad Caps & Tassels

GRAD CAPS & TASSELS have been ordered for those who pre-ordered them.  The office will let you know when they arrive.  

Grad Portraits

Grad Portraits for KAHS took place from February 28th - March 3rd.  

If you missed your chance or if you would like to book retakes, they can be booked through the Lifetouch Studio on Lethbridge through the following link:

If you need to contact Lifetouch via phone, please call 1-877-327-2658.  


Baby/Childhood Photos

Please submit a baby/childhood photo to be used for the Convocation Slideshow.  Graduates should submit them through the KAHS Graduation 2022 Google Classroom.  If you are unable to scan and upload your photo, please bring it to the office to be scanned.  The deadline for photos is May 1st.  LATE PHOTOS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  

FNMI Status Declaration

If you would like to declare FNMI status to be acknowledged at the graduation ceremony, please email Miss Baraniecki ( before May 1st.  


There is a Google Classroom called KAHS Graduation 2022 set up and all Class of 2022 students have been invited to join it.  This will be the first line of communication for all things Graduation related. Please make sure you have your notifications turned on and follow deadlines and dates when information is posted. If you have any questions related to grad, please post them on this Classroom or email  Once a student has accepted their invitation to join this Google Classroom, we are able to send an invitation to a parent/guardian to join it as well.  

Safe Grad/Dry Grad

*Please note: Kate Andrews High School has no affiliation with Safe Grad or Dry Grad.  These events are completely parent/student organized.  Please direct all questions to the contacts listed below.

DRY Grad Contact Information:
Jodi Reed 
(403) 345-5956

Dry Grad Registration forms are now available from Jared Reed or William Lorge.  Please see one of them to get the required information.


SAFE Grad Contact Information:
Facebook Group "Coaldale Safe Grad 2022"

Meredith McNeill 

Patty Hetesy 
Message through Facebook Messenger, Coaldale Safe Grad 2022 or text 403-308-1305


Grad Jewelry!

You can still order Grad Jewelry, if you wish.  Catalogs are available at the office or you can design your jewelry at  

Scholarships & Bursaries

Please make sure to check out the Career & Ac. Counselling page for a list of Scholarships and Bursaries that are available to apply for.  If you require assistance with applications, please see Miss Meurs.

So You Want a Job that needs You to Study After High School.

Go to the Career and Academic Counselling page and check out how you can apply for bursaries and scholarships.