Power School Portal

Power School PARENT/STUDENT Portal

Parent Portal link:  https://ps.pallisersd.ab.ca/public/home.html

If you require assistance to set up your Parent Portal account, please contact our office at 403-345-3383 or via email to darby.bell@pallisersd.ab.ca or kristy.darby@pallisersd.ab.ca.  

As a LIVE record of student attendance and grades is now available through the Power School Parent Portal, hard copy REPORT CARDS WILL NO LONGER BE MAILED HOME OR HANDED OUT TO STUDENTS.  

STUDENTS do not need to sign up for their Student Portal Account.  They simply need to log in to the P.S. Student Portal using their Palliser Windows Computer log-in.  If they have any difficulty logging in, they can come to the school office for assistance.  

PARENTS:  If you are having trouble setting up or accessing your account, please contact our office at 403-345-3383 or via email to darby.bell@pallisersd.ab.ca or kristy.darby@pallisersd.ab.ca.

If you had an account set up for your child at another Palliser School (i.e. RI Baker), the account will follow your student to KAHS.  

If you have already set up an account for one student, and need to add a subsequent student to that same account, please follow the directions found here.