2022 - 2023 School Fees

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Basic School Fees must be paid before students will be given text books.  

Grade 9 students pay a fee of $104.75 and do not have further course fees throughout the year (unless they incur athletic or other activity fees).  

Grade 10-12 students pay a total of $42.25 (Palliser Technology Fee + Student Activity Fee) at the beginning of the year, and then PER COURSE fees will be added after  September 15th for Semester 1 classes, and and February 28th, 2023 for Semester 2 classes.  Students in Grades 10-12 who drop courses after September 30th or February 28th, respectively, will forfeit their fee.  

We want students to have their books!  Any families who are experiencing financial difficulties and as such are not able to pay school fees, are encouraged to speak with Mr. Grimes to discuss payment plans or other options.  

We strive to keep Option class and Per Course fees as low as possible, and we are proud to say that they are among the lowest in Southern Alberta High Schools.  Anyone with questions regarding school fees can contact the office or Mr. Grimes directly at daniel.grimes@pallisersd.ab.ca.