Student of the Month

Student of the Month Program

Nomination Form

We are so excited to introduce our Student of the Month program for Kate Andrews High School! We are proud to celebrate our students excelling in Kate Andrews PRIDE.

We believe in recognizing students for multiple reasons, including strong academic skills, but also for their strength of character. 

Here are the details:

  • Nominations can be made for any student.
  • Staff, students, parents and community members may nominate someone.
  • Nominations can be based on any of the following attributes. If you are nominating someone, please look closely at these attributes to decide which one suits them best.
  • A committee will choose one recipient in each of the following 5 categories:

PASSION - Individuals who show a passion in areas both in and out of school. They dedicate themselves to those pursuits to help create a community that values excellence and ambition. At KA, we support each other in following our dreams and pursuing our goals, both short and long-term.

RESPONSIBILITY - Individuals who exhibit responsibility are dependable and take ownership of the impact of their words, actions and choices. At KA, we encourage students to be accountable for their actions through the way they treat others, are trustworthy, and honour their commitments.

INCLUSIVITY - Individuals who practice including others, no matter the circumstances, provide an opportunity for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. At KA, we encourage others to recognize those who consistently display attitudes of friendliness, encouragement, and acceptance of all members of our school community.

DETERMINATION - Individuals who exhibit determination have the tenacity to see something through to the end, even when the path ahead is difficult. At KA, we value those who set goals and achieve them through perseverance and hard work.

ENGAGED & ENTHUSIASTIC - Individuals who show commitment to their school, their learning, and the overall wellbeing of their community help to create a higher quality atmosphere for all. At KA, we appreciate those who work to improve the school's culture by investing their time and energy into making it a better place.

You can find the Nomination Form here:  Nomination Form



Behold, The rise of a star in our ranks!  Sorceress of student council, has bewitched all with her charms.  As communications officer, she weaves spells of enchantment with ease, ever ready to aid her kin. In the realm of learning, she ascends to new heights, her voice woven with wisdom and insight.  Her boundless thirst for knowledge enchants all who bear witness,  for she is a sorceress of true dedication and unwavering effort. 


Behold the wondrous tale of Ethan, a sorcerer of words in the realm of 30-1 English.  With the heart of a lion, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of knowledge, unwavering in his focus and determination. His diligence knows no bounds, for he pours his very essence into each task.  Beyond his scholarly pursuits, he is a beacon of joy, spreading light throughout the halls of learning. His words are imbued with respect and kindness, casting enchantments upon all those around him.  Truly, Ethan is a master of the arcane arts of language and chivalry, a gem in the crown of this school.


Behold the radiant spirit of Chloe, whose benevolence illuminates all in her path.  With a heart as vast as the cosmos, she extends her kindness to all - even to those she may not call “Friend”.  In group endeavors, she beckons to the solitary, embracing them with warmth and weaving them into the tapestry of camaraderie.  Whether in the halls of learning, or under the sun’s embrace of sport, her spirit brims with a passion for excellence.  Thus, she stands as a beacon of what it means to be a member of the Pride: A shining example of grace, kindness, and dedication.


Amidst the enchanting tapestries of written words, Ren’s heart beats with fiery passion.  Their boundless ardor for literature guides them to uncharted realms, free from fear and doubt.  With every page turned, they summon daring spirits, taming the chaos of the unknown.  For Ren, the alchemy of literature is a realm of infinite possibilities, and they fearlessly tread its paths.



Behold the tale of Jersey, a seeker of the written word’s elusive magic.  WIth fiery passion, she dances with the quill and parchment, weaving tales of wonder and intrigue.  Yet, her journey is one of constant growth, ever seeking to hone her craft and awaken new enchantments.  The depth of her dedication are an awe-inspiring sight to behold, as she fearlessly navigates the tides of the written art, surmounting even the most daunting of obstacles with unyielding resolve.  Thus, let it be known that the tale of Jersey is one of valor, perseverance, and boundless creativity.



Each day that I instruct Lukas, I am spellbound by his boundless kindness and compassion for all.  In our shared realm of physical education, he stands as a beacon of inclusivity, uplifting those who may otherwise be overlooked.  His heart sings with the melody of selflessness, always ready to extend a hand to those in need.  Undoubtedly, his luminous spirit illuminates that path of those around him, casting a radiant glow upon all who bask in his presence.



Behold the brilliance of Avery, whose dedication to the paths of knowledge illuminates the halls of learning.  Her tireless efforts, a beacon of inspiration, see her complete each task with unwavering determination.  Her presence, a source of radiance, fills the chambers of learning with warmth and enthusiasm.  May her achievements continue to shine as a testament to the wonders that can be achieved with hard work and a positive spirit.


In our mystical realm of learning, Sawyer’s aura radiates with an enchanting positivity.  Her presence amplifies the magic of our shared quest, as she imbues every spell with her all.  Never faltering, she journeys with respect and diligence, seeking to weave the finest enchantments.  Her spirit, so pure and warm, inspires us all to reach greater heights.  This mystical being of pure light stands out as a true luminary, deserving of recognition for her tireless devotion and enchanted spirit.


Behold Braylon, a seeker of greatness,  His spirit is alight with a fierce determination to excel.  He labors with diligence, emboldened by his thirst for knowledge.  His curious mind seeks to unravel all mysteries, and he shares his wisdom with those who seek it.  The realm of learning is enriched by his benevolent nature, for he extends his hand to those who falter, and his heart to those who seek companionship.  His kindness knows no bounds, and his warmth illuminates all who cross his path.


Behold Seth, A sorcerer of self-improvement, walking the path of ever-growing knowledge.  His insatiable curiosity illuminates the way, questing for answers that hone his skills and enrich his wisdom.  With each task and assignment, he weaves a tapestry of wonder, daring to take risks that transcend expectations. Thus, his enchantments shine with a brilliance that echoes across the realm, a testament to his unwavering pursuit of growth.