Contact our Staff:

2018/2019 School Year

Phone:  403-345-3383     Fax:  403-345-5767

The school office is open on school days.  Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm and Fridays, from 8am - 1pm.  



Daniel GRIMES (  Principal

Kris VAN WIEREN (  Vice Principal



Kim ALEXANDER (  CALM, Drama, English, Tourism

Arlene ARROYO (  Math

Robyn BARANIECKI (  Science, Chemistry, Physics

Mike GIBSON (  Social Studies, Sports Medicine

Scott GODIN (  Band, Guitar, Jazz, Occupational Planning, Financial Management, Science 9, French

Daniel GRIFFITH (  Mechanics, Math, Fabrication/Construction

Nicole HANNA ( :  Physical Education, Math 9

Paige HIERATH (  Art 

Kelly HURLEY (  Language Arts 9, Media Arts, Forensic Science

Scott OIKAWA (  English, Health 9, Psychology

Clayton RESSLER (  ATHLETIC DIRECTOR and Physical Education

Angie ROELOFS (  Foods, Cosmetology, Fashion

Jason SCHILLING (  English, Drama

Cidney STINNISSEN (  (Math, Science, Leadership)

Ron TERAKITA (  Science, Biology

Joel WETMORE (  Social Studies

Kendell WIENS (  Science, Physical Education



Darby BELL (  Administrative Assistant

Kristy DARBY (  Administrative Assistant

Melinda GREENAWAY (  Family School Liaison Counselor

Jo-Anna MEURS (  Career & Academic Counselor

Gina WITTEBOLLE (  Librarian

Diane GALLAGHER:  Educational Assistant

Maxine JANZEN:  Educational Assistant

Theresa NEUFELD:  Educational Assistant

Lorri PENNER:  Educational Assistant

Sandra THOMPSON:  Educational Assistant

Terry URTON:  Educational Assistant

Paddie WALMSLEY:  Educational Assistant

Bridgette WIERSEMA:  Educational Assistant