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ALBERTA MASK MANDATE:  What this means at KAHS

  1. Students and staff are required to wear masks in the hallways, common areas and anywhere where social distancing is not possible.  
  2. When a class begins with everyone seated facing the front, masks may be removed for instruction.  They can remain off until the end of class at which point they will be worn to leave the class. 
  3. During class time students need to put on a mask if they are asked to work in a group, need to leave their desk or are getting help from a teacher or assistant in close proximity. 
  4. Many of our classes are not traditional.  Food classes will be more complicated and students will be required to wear a mask as they work around one another in the kitchen.  Alternate spaces may be used to give individuals a short break if needed. Shop classes, Band, Cosmetology, etc. all have their own unique circumstances and so Administration will work with teachers to find a workable solution.  Our purpose is to be 'solutions based' while respecting the rules. 
  5. Teachers may remove their mask to teach at the front of the classroom as 2m of distance may be achieved.

Our goal as a school is to work towards a positive productive school year where the realities of masks and COVID can be managed in a way that people in the building can learn and thrive. 

Please remember that our best chance at slowing the spread and keeping illness out of our building is to stay away when we are sick.  Students who miss classes due to illness, should stay in touch with their teachers via email and Google Classroom to stay on top of any class work. 

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