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Experiential Learning Week: May 7 - 9

Students attending ELW at Lethbridge College:  May 6 - 10

Students attending ELW at Kate Andrews High School:  May 7 - 9

The purpose of Experiential Learning Week (ELW) is to provide opportunities for students to engage in high interest and authentic learning experiences where they can gain practical knowledge, skills and/or credentials to help better prepare them for the workforce, career interests, and/or skill acquisition in hands-on learning environments.  

In partnership with Lethbridge College, Kate Andrews High School is pleased to be offering Experiential Learning Week.  Students have the opportunity to attend classes at Lethbridge College, engaging with college instructors from their chosen subject area as well as experience various campus facilities and services.  Students will explore subject-specific skills and leave with a better understanding of their chosen subject area and of the student experience at Lethbridge College. 

Some examples of subject areas that students may choose to study at Lethbridge College during Experiential Learning Week are Agricultural Sciences, General Studies (Psychology & Sociology or Physical Education & Exercise Science), Health & Wellness (Nursing, Health Care Aide, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation-Gerontology), Justice & Public Safety, Culinary Careers, Trades “Sampler” (Electrical, Wind, Carpentry, Plumbing, Welding, Automotive, Heavy Equipment), Engineering Technologies.  **

Students who do not attend Lethbridge College will participate in ELW at KAHS.  Some examples of experiences being offered by the staff of Kate Andrews High School, along with community partnerships are:  **  (ELW sessions at KAHS will be held May 7-9)

Music Coding/Laptop Orchestra: Explore new and infinite ways of making music on the computer (no musical background required). 

Volleyball Development Clinic:  Volleyball specific fitness plan, skills and drills, tactics and strategy, gameplay, and officiating certification.  

Making a Music Video:  Work with Cottonwood Records professional team to create an original music video.  

Southern Alberta Activities:  Hiking, U of L climbing wall, and fitness classes  

Standard First Aid Certification: Certified instructors will present the material, and at the end of the week, these students will be certified in Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED. 

**Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of sessions offered. 



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