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The administration and staff at Kate Andrews High School are excited to announce that we are now able to provide our students and their parents with the ability to electronically access student information such as attendance and grades via an online connection through the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal. (Grades will be available to view between regular Report Card reporting periods.)

Before you can set up an account, you will need to have your student's Access ID and Access Password.  This is available from the school and is linked to your email address.  The Access ID and Access Password was sent in a letter with Report Cards to each parent on November 9th.  To set up your account, please follow these steps:

(If you have already set up an account for one student, and need to add a subsequent student to that same account, please follow the directions found here.)  

Parent Portal link:

1. Open an Internet Browser on your computer. (These steps must be completed on a computer, and not a phone or handheld device when you set up your account.)
2. Type into the address bar. (We have also placed a link on our webpage.)
3. Click on the Create Account tab. Click on the BLUE Create Account button.
4. Under the Parent Account Details enter the information as requested. Choose a Username that you will remember.  (It may be a good idea to write this down, as this is the USERNAME that you will use to log into your account.)  Choose a Password that you will remember, according to the password rules that are outlined. This will be your PASSWORD to log in to your account.
5. Link Students to Account.  Enter your child's name, and then the Access ID and Access Password for that student into the appropriate fields.  (A letter will be produced for each child, with their individual Access ID and Access Password. If you have more than one child in the school, you may add all of them to your account on this screen.) Choose your relationship to the student from the drop-down menu (i.e. mother, father, grandmother, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: The Access ID and Access Password is used only to set up your account and link you to your student(s). This WILL NOT be your Username and Password. Please choose a username and password that you will remember, and write it down if you need to. We (the KA School Office) does not have access to your log-in name or password.

If you have any questions regarding the use of PowerSchool please contact the school office at 403-345-3383.  We have also set up laptop in the KAHS office to assist parents with sign up. If you are experiencing any difficulties signing up your your own, please just give us a call or come visit us in the office between 9am - 3:30pm. We will keep keep this station set up until the Christmas break.

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